Monday, March 6, 2017

Forty Years in the Fitness Business

Celebrating forty (40) years in the fitness business this year!
If I include my athletic training during the years before I got into the gym business, I have been working out for over fifty (50) years. If I count up all of the training sessions over the past forty years (I’m still training at least 10 clients a day) I believe I hold the record on the most number of trainings, with well over 125,000 hour long sessions logged training clients (not including the thousands of group fitness and aerobic classes I have taught). When I first started this, the term “personnel trainer” had not yet been coined. Doctors advised against lifting weights and my friends and family encouraged me to “get a real job”. Early on, Jack LaLanne stopped by my new Nautilus club in Westwood, California and told me to “stick with it kid; you’re on the right track. This time, fitness is here to stay”. That was the ignition of the modern day fitness boom. Jack Lanne was right!

from Bill Crawford's Fitness Blog