Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golf is for Everyone

There’s a perception of the game of golf that it’s only for the rich, and those that already know how to play. That gives the game an intimidating feel for anyone looking to simply enjoy a round of golf in the sun with a few friends. The truth is, you don’t have to spend $200 and be Tiger Woods to have some fun! Let’s take a look at some nice courses around Scottsdale that won’t break the bank.

Orange Tree Golf Club: A round during high season (March-April) will cost you around $70 in the morning, but if you don’t mind a later start time, you can get on for about $30. The course is good condition and is friendly to the beginner golfer. Large trees surround the course, which gives it a unique feeling for Scottsdale.

orange tree

Starfire Golf Club: Starfire is a favorite amongst residents for a great round of golf at a decent price. The “King” Nine was designed by Arnold Palmer in 1988 and also totally redesigned the two other 9-holes on the course. A round will cost around $70 for morning and $50 for the afternoon during prime golf season.

Starfire GC

Silverado Golf Club: A nice, relaxing round of golf is in store for anyone who plays Silverado. Around $50 will get you on this well maintained course. It’s often praised for the high course quality and the low price. It’s definitely worth a look.

Silverado GC

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