Monday, June 2, 2014

Locally Owned Restaurants

When you visit a new place, one of the top questions that come to mind is where to find the down-home, delicious, local restaurants. You want something that is exclusive to that town. Lucky for you we have some of the best dining around. Barrio Queen: In the southwest, we pride ourselves on our Mexican food. Plates so flavorful that everything else you eat back home will taste bland. Barrio Queen has flair, a great ambience, and not to mention the best guacamole you can find. Stop in to this local gem and taste one of these popular dishes: Barrio Queen Churro Barrio Queen California Barrio Queen Chiles en Nogada </ br> </ br> </ br> AZ/88: A burger bar with some spice thrown in. This hot spot dishes up some of the delicious burgers in the day, and turns in to a party at night. If you’re looking for a place that you can lounge at all night, then look no further. Check out some of the favorites from AZ88: AZ/88 Brittany Alexander AZ/88 Four Seasons Salad AZ/88 Burger Au Poivre </ br> </ br> </ br> Don & Charlie’s Restaurant: A combination of a casual atmosphere with delicious steaks and BBQ, Don & Charlies has been a mainstay in Scottsdale since 1981. Stop by for one of their famous burgers, or a juicy steak, and take in all the sports memorabilia. Don & Charlies Bleu Royale Burger Don & Charlies Ribs </ br> </ br> </ br> Virtů: Located in the Bespoke Inn, Virtů serves up contemporary dishes to the delight of every visitor. It was recently names one of Esquire Magazines best new restaurants, and has steadily grown in to a local favorite. Here are some of the more memorable dishes you’ll find at Virtů: Virtu Flat Iron Steak Virtu Grilled Octopus Virtu Burrata

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