Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Survival Guide

Summer in Scottsdale is hot. Like fry an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot. You may think that it’s un-livable…not true. Read this guide from an Arizona native who’s survived 24 summers here.

Shaded parking is the number one priority… 

shade parking

Front parking spot is open? Awesome! Nope…top spots in the summer are those with any sort of shade. So keep going, those trees are normally in the back.

Leather seats are better heat conductors than than you think… 


Didn’t get that shady spot? First danger when you sit down in your car is your leather seats (if you have them). They might as well be metal. Bring a towel to throw down on the seat to prevent burns.

The metal part of the seatbelt might as well be lava…


Speaking of metal, parts of seatbelts are made of exactly that. Grab that spot and it’s basically like putting your hand on the stove. Carefully grab the plastic part of the seatbelt or bring along a pair of oven mitts to prevent burning (these would also come in handy for the next item on this list).

Steering wheels are just as hot as the seatbelt…


Pro Tip- Angle all possible A/C vents towards the steering wheel. This will cool it down much faster and you’ll be able to drive within five minutes of getting in the car. Or, just bust out those oven mitts we previously discussed.

Used to waiting for hot water? It’s reverse in the summer… 

Gabriel Rocha

Wait a few seconds for cold water to kick in or be prepared for a shock.

A pool is the only outside escape… 


Unless it’s before the hour of 8 a.m, the only reason to be outside is to be in the pool…lounging. 100+ degrees can’t ruin a pool day no matter how hard it tries.

Early morning hikes… 

Scottsdale CVB Desert Landscape

Who says you can’t go hiking in the summer? The temperature at around 7 a.m. is spectacular (okay, like low 90’s). Just get up a little early to enjoy a short hike! Remember to bring lots and lots of water.

Find indoor activities… 


Shopping, Go-Kart racing, MIM, SMoCa, really any place with air conditioning (fortunately, just about every building in the area has it).

When the sun sets, things get awesome…

Arizona Desert Sunset from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

When it’s hot during the day, 95 at night is chilly. Nightlife is always a draw, flashlight tours at the Desert Botanical Garden, summer concerts, high-energy clubs. You know, the usual things nocturnal people do.

Stock up on this…. 


And this…

peter dutton

Stay away from Jeeps with no tops. (Great idea for 8 months of the year. Terrible idea in the summer)

Eduardo Pelosi

If you brave the afternoon heat, be sure to bring lots water…


Don’t use your oven! You know what that does? Heats up the inside of your house. Worst. Idea. Ever. 


Trip to Sedona anyone?


Barefoot is never a good idea outside the house… (Hot coal has nothing on Arizona summer pavement)

Watch out for haboobs aka massive walls of dust…


But take in that sweet smell of desert rain with the monsoon…

John Hunnicutt II

Yeah, it’s hot, but at least we don’t have to deal with this…


But seriously, how do you even live with humidity…


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