Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Megan About Town: Barbecue Fix at Bryan’s

No matter how much you love your home, it’s nice to check out a different scene every once in a while. What’s great about Scottsdale is that it doesn’t take a long drive to feel like you’re in an entirely new place. My colleague Scott and I took off up north for a work project in neighboring Cave Creek, and it only took about 30 minutes to realize that we weren’t in Kansas anymore.  2 1 10

The cowboy culture is alive and well in Cave Creek. If you take Scottsdale Road all the way north until it turns into Tom Darlington Drive, then take a left on Cave Creek Road, you won’t be hard-pressed to see what I mean. From the moment you get to town, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world. Passing by saloons and biker bars, continue on until you see Byran’s Black Mountain Barbecue on your right. It’s just across the street from Big Earl’s Greasy Eats. Yes, that’s the actual name of the restaurant.

Bryan’s is a casual, cozy restaurant with an unmistakable country vibe. A guitar player strummed along in the corner while we stood in line debating what to order.

Between sandwiches and straight-up BBQ plates, it was a tough call, but I landed on the beef brisket sandwich. I wasn’t disappointed. The juicy sandwich left no room for seconds, no matter how badly you wished it had. I coupled that with the baked potato salad. I’m a tough sell, because I consider myself a carb-connoisseur, but I ate every last bite. So. Good!

Action shots:


Scott and I hung out for a while more enjoying the vibes of the place before it was time to take off. If we had had more time, we would have headed out to Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse for some more live music + some dancing. Okay, I would have danced. Scott would have hid in the corner. Or maybe he would have had a few too many drinks and hopped into the ring for some bull riding? I guess you never know what the night can hold when you’re feeling a little country in Cave Creek.

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