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Megan About Town: No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate

When my chocolate-loving boss and I first heard about the new Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, we knew it had to be at the top of our list. Our two favorite things are napping and chocolate. And, if we can’t nap on the job… at least we’re going to stuff our faces with as much chocolate as possible.

That’s where Ofelia comes in to save the day. She has established a lovely walking tour through downtown Scottsdale that can satisfy any sweets addict.

chocotour5 chocotour16

We joined six lovely Arizona locals (Oh, you think only tourists get to have all the fun??) on a beautiful fall day, and after some quick introductions and a few chocolate facts, we were on our way:

Stop No. 1: Paula Jacqueline Cakes and Pastries

Our first stop brought us into a shop that doubles as a cake shop and a bridal jewelry store. It doesn’t sell sweets to the public, but they design custom cakes and treats for special occasions. Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven were waiting for us there. The gooey, chocolate-chip dripping center was sinful. I actually thought these were an underrated favorite of the tour. The cakes on display were impressive, too. I’m sure they are delightful to bite into if you’re willing to take a chunk out of an art piece!

Pauline's Window Paula's

Stop No. 2: Chocolade van Brugge

I’ve been here before, but gained an all-new appreciation during our visit on the tour. We met owner Frederiek Verbeke who explained that all of the chocolate is shipped straight from outta Belgium. The assortment made our choice of two chocolates pretty tough, but I eventually landed on the lavender and dark chocolate raspberry. Both of which were incredible. They melted in your mouth.

chocotour15 chocotour17

Stop No. 3: Classic Cakes & Confections Bakery

This place is almost not worth explaining in words. Everywhere you look, there is another incredible cake masterpiece that doesn’t possibly look like it could be cake. I remember liking what we tried, but I can’t remember what it was. Mainly because I was so distracted by the cakes.

chocotour20 chocotour19 chocotour18

Stop No. 4: Caketini

We took a little break from the sun, and ventured into Scottsdale Fashion Square mall to visit Caketini, which is locally owned. I remember what we tried here, because I could have eaten 20 of them…cannolis! I’m not normally a huge fan, but I devoured their version, which are a little smaller than the average cannoli. That means more crunch! I’ve been craving them since we left…

chocotour23 chocotour22

Stop No. 5: Godiva

Heading out of the mall, we stopped by Godiva and tried out a chocolate bite. We chatted in there for too long because I had time to stop and stare at even more chocolate in the display. How could I want more chocolate!? Because I’m an addict.

Stop No. 6: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Before we headed back to Chocolade van Brugge for round two, we did a quick stop at Sprinkles. We got to try out their rick and moist chocolate cupcake. I’m a red velvet cupcake fan, so I have been stuck in my ways at Sprinkles for some time now with the same order. It was delightful…but I’m sticking to my red velvet cupcakes for life! 

chocotour2 chocotour4

Stop No. 7: Back to Chocolade van Brugge

Apparently, liege waffles are a thing in Belgium. And according to a Belgian that happened to be eating one while our group was waiting for our waffles, the ones at Chocolade van Brugge…are the real deal! These waffles are amazing – worth the last return stop!


I loved that Ofelia shared fun Chocolate facts along the way, AND came fully prepared with bottled water and salty snacks when you needed to cleanse from the chocolate overload.

Saturday Oct 24th 2 Saturday Oct 24th 1

Also, I want to mention that we met the lovely Brooke of Silver Lining Blog. She took some incredible pictures of the tour and talks about her and her husband’s experience here. One thing that she mentions in her blog is how absolutely beautiful the area of Scottsdale is that we walked. She’s right. It’s so easy for me to take for granted the beauty of downtown because I work here every day. But truly, it’s gorgeous. And I am so glad we had the opportunity to walk around on such a beautiful day! Enjoy Brooke’s blog!

FINALLY, if you decide to try this tour out, use “meganabouttown” promo code when you buy your tickets for a discount!

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