Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scottsdale’s Olympics

Like everyone else, we’re getting in the Olympic spirit. Watching all the events happening in Sochi got us thinking what each events Scottsdale counterpart would be. You’re probably thinking there is no way any event in the Winter Olympics can have a counterpart in the desert, because there’s no snow or ice. To that, you’re we say you’re only partly right…

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Channel your inner luger at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale's water slide! Then instead of being freezing and all, catch a few rays on the beach. Going down a mountain at fast speeds and catching some air? Sounds like Slopestyle without snow! Okay, so it's not exactly like ski jumping, but you still get to fly high! Welcome to Scottsdale's version of the Bi-Athlon! Lots of cardio (if you walk the course) with small amounts of precision needed. Only difference is you get to relax on the 19th hole out here. Fast with tight turns. The only difference between short track speed skating and this is the beautiful desert scenery.

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