Friday, May 16, 2014

Camelback Mountain Fun Facts

Camelback Mountain The iconic Camelback Mountain sits in the heart of Paradise Valley, and is only about a five-minute drive from downtown Scottsdale. It’s a local favorites for a challenging hike when the weather is perfect out! Before you reach that expansive view from the top, check out these fun facts about Camelback:

  • Caves indicate that the mountain was a sacred site for the Hohokam culture.

  • In 1879, the mountain was given to the Salt River Pima and the Maricopa American Indian tribes as part of their reservation. That ownership lasted six months, until it was reversed and given back to the control of the Arizona Territory.

  • The fight to protect the mountain against construction began in the early 1900’s, and lasted all the way to 1968 when the mountain became a Phoenix city park.

  • You’ll find Precambrian Granite and red sedimentary sandstone on your climb. The sandstone dates back 25 million years, and the granite to approximately 1.5 billion!

  • The average hike time is about two hours round trip on both the Echo Canyon trail (considered harder because it gains its elevation in a shorter distance) and the Cholla trail.

  • The “eyebrow” of the camel is also called the Praying Monk, since it forms the figure of a man kneeling in prayer.

  • Looking west towards the mountain provides the best view to see the camel from which the mountain got its name from.

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