Friday, January 9, 2015

Growing Your Art Collection

Once you have started to build an art collection, it seems to almost take on a life of its own. Just like a tapestry, the pieces will start to weave together to tell a story. Art has the ability to make a house a home and give your home a signature look showing everyone who walks through the door who you are and what inspires you. That is not to say that all of your art looks the same, in fact just the opposite is true. Individual taste and style is what makes each collection original.

There is nothing like the moment when you see a work of art and you know that you want to take it home. It speaks to you and connects to you in some way. It may evoke a memory or stir an emotion or just simply make you feel happy. I’ve seen people literally stop in their tracks when they see a work of art that resonates with them. They stop and stare and start to smile or simply stand there with their hand over their mouth deep in thought. When this happens it is always because of how the work makes a person feel. And, it almost always finds its way home. Many times the viewer will tell the artist what they see and what it means to them before the artist even shares the story behind it. Every work of art has two stories; the first is what it means to the artist and why they created it and the second is what it means to the collector and how it makes them feel. And, in some cases, a third story develops as artist and collector share their combined views. This is when the magic happens.

One of the most interesting things about art and people who collect it is that each person resonates differently with what they see. One piece can do nothing for one person and then simply knock the socks off the next person who walks by. That is what makes each collection so special and original. As you add pieces to your collection, you will see your tapestry start to come to life. Many times people set out to buy a work of art that is a specific size or has a certain color palette, but once you get the art collecting bug, finding the pieces that speak to you is just as important as the practicality of it. Pretty soon you start to not worry about where it will go in your home and you just know you will make room for it when you know you have to take it home. This is when your collection begins to tell your story.

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