Monday, January 5, 2015

Megan About Town: An Artsy Lunch Break

Wow. It has been a crazy few months. There is so much going on here in Scottsdale, that getting out to have some fun has been a little tricky. I’m sure you can relate with the holidays rolling in fast and furious – and perhaps all that planning for your Big Game celebrations in Scottsdale… Even still, with the incredible weather that we’ve had, it’s nearly impossible to keep indoors.

I had lunch at Original Chop Shop Co. in downtown Scottsdale this week with my friend Sadie, who is a fabulous photographer. With her artistic talents and my forever longing for artistic talents, I asked her to check out a few art galleries with me just off of Fifth Avenue, down the street from Chop Shop.

We walked from Scottsdale Road towards Marshall Way, which is quite a lovely walk. We passed Petersen’s, a personal favorite ice cream shop , and so many other boutiques and specialty shops. If we both didn’t need to get back to work, we could have easily spent the rest of the afternoon searching for trinkets and treasures along the route.

Our first gallery stop was On the Edge Gallery. Different from many of the galleries in the Arts District, On the Edge Gallery doesn’t feature artists with similar styles. On the Edge represents more than 40 Arizona artists and is set up like a gift gallery, taking the intimidation out of the experience entirely. It’s also run entirely by the artists, so oftentimes you’ll have the opportunity to meet the artist who created the art.

on the edge1

The art ranges from jewelry to large paintings with everything in between. I was walking through thinking it’s the perfect place to get a gift for someone who just appreciates all things unique. I will say, I did fall in love with a painting that was just a little out of my budget. Perhaps if I stopped buying shoes all the time I could afford it? Not going to happen.

After On the Edge, Sadie and I took Marshall Way south to Calvin Charles Gallery. Quite the departure from the first gallery experience, Calvin Charles is all about contemporary art displayed on big, beautiful, white walls. The art is stunning, and it’s easy to understand why international art collectors frequent the gallery for added pieces to their collections.



With nationally renowned artists exhibiting at this gallery, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed if you’re new to the art scene, but don’t worry! Take it all in, admire the art, and remember that art is all about the viewer’s interpretation.

Just across Marshall Way, sits Touchstone Gallery – our final stop for the day. This gallery holds a special place in my heart because my grandfather has long held an appreciation for geology as a scientist. Fossils, stones and minerals were often discussed. That’s why Touchstone is special to me, but really, it’s just a cool gallery that offers something completely different than anything else in the area. Plus, it’s hands on. You can’t have a gallery called “Touchstone” without letting visitors get their hands on what you offer, I suppose. Anyways, whether you love jewelry or you want to get your hands on some magnificent fossils, this place is not to be missed.




Probably my favorite thing about this experience was seeing how truly different each of these galleries were, and yet they are just steps away from each other. While you might not be in love with the style at one gallery, maybe the next one makes you swoon. And, believe me, you don’t need to BE an artist to appreciate the quality of art in Scottsdale. It’s truly tremendous – and I have no visual art talent in my being.

If you’re interested in getting better acquainted with what the Arts District offers, I invite you to attend ArtWalk . This even has been around for 40 years, and is offered EVERY Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m. The galleries extend their hours and often offer drinks, light bites and live music. It’s a fun way to fill your Thursday night with something maybe outside of your norm.

Need a few more reasons to check out the galleries in Scottsdale? My colleague, Kayla, has FIVE for you .

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