Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Outdoor Activities Near Scottsdale


Scottsdale is a great base point for many incredible outdoor adventures! Within a few hours drive you can explore, escape and experience the beauty of Arizona with in an adventure level you desire!

Below our 5 of our favorites:

Sky Diving

Take on the adventure of a lifetime with your first tandem sky dive. From the classroom to the sky, you will walk you through every step of the process. Enjoy Arizona’s beautiful weather, the largest drop zone in the world and the best instructors in the word with SkyDiveAZ. With the largest aircraft fleets, amazing facilities and the largest drop zone in the world, they offer sun, more fun and more jumps.

Arizona Whitewater Rafting

Explore whitewater Rafting in a spectacular 2,000 foot deep canyon, with desert scenery, wilderness surroundings and lots of Class III “wet and fun” rapids! Rafting the Upper Salt River Canyon is just 2.5 hours from Scottsdale and is done as a day trip, express trip, or 2-5 day option for those seeking a camping and multi-day experience. Arizona’s premier outfitter, Mild to Wild Rafting, the SW adventure and whitewater experts for over 20 years, offer guided whitewater rafting on the Upper Salt.

Leap of Faith

Try a varied kind of rappelling and take the “Leap of Faith”! This a dynamic adventure: Climb up a 30 foot pole, balance as long as you can, then leap off towards the trapeze bar. Specialized equipment and rope catch the participant and lower them to the ground. This adventure not for the faint of heart!

Experience an aerial extravaganza over the amazing Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon helicopter and airplane tours give you a fresh new perspective and never seen before views of the Canyon. There are several commercial aircraft operators flying from just outside the National. Sit back, relax and explore this amazing landscape in all of its natural beauty.


Experience flying! Zip lining is an invigorating and thrilling way to fly through the air. Depending on your adventure level (mild to wild!), desired of length and number of zips and scenery desired, options exist from within minutes to a few hours away!

So if you are looking to experience some new adventures, visit Scottsdale to get a little bit of it all!

*This post was written by Whitney Hagen of Mild to Wild Rafting

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