Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Walk in the Park

distrito crop If you know anything about Scottsdale, you know it’s easy, care-free and particularly gorgeous this time of year. So gorgeous in fact that even I, who eats lunch at her desk every day, can’t stand to be cooped up inside. Can you blame me? It’s literally 75 degrees and sunny as I write this, while the northeast is about to get hit with their, I don’t know, hundredth storm in two weeks. No thank you! To take full advantage of the warm “winter” temps, I’ve been patio dining and outdoor exploring every chance I get. Recently, I spent time exploring Scottsdale Civic Center Park, a total gem, tucked right into the heart of downtown Scottsdale. This lush oasis covers 21 acres and has businesses tucked around the outer edges, making it the perfect place to get some relaxation while still being able to shop, dine and browse museums. Here are a few of my top picks from my most recent stroll around the park. Trailside Galleries: This gallery has been going strong since 1963. It features artists who specialize in western, wildlife, landscape, figurative and impressionist works. But don’t let all those art terms scare you – as they sometimes do for me. While offering the highest quality art, Trailside Galleries is open and friendly. They’re eager to talk to you about the artists, explain the stories behind their works and give insight into the different shows (which change on a regular basis). When I visited the gallery, both Coastal Connections and Family Expressions shows were on display. Each was beautiful in its own right and left me longing for a piece above my own mantel someday. AZ88 & Distrito: There isn’t anything much better than sitting on an outdoor patio, soaking up the first warm days of the year – especially when it’s only February. Both AZ88 and Distrito restaurants offer sun-drenched patios with great views of the Park. Stop by AZ88 for the open-air space, the eclectic food (Bigger Mac and China Lil’s Chicken are just two of the items you’ll find on the menu) and the cocktails. Oh my goodness, the cocktails! During my last visit, I had to indulge in both the Moscow mule and the key lime martini – neither disappointed. Just across the way from AZ88, is Distrito at the Saguaro hotel. This brightly-colored, Southwestern-inspired restaurant is a departure from AZ88 in every possible way, with the exception of amazing food, drinks and a patio. I ordered up a blood orange margarita, Carnitas tacos and guacamole with crab (hey, when in Rome). I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I was nearly licking the plate for more. When you’re longing for a little sunshine in your life (I’m sure everyone east of the Rockies is in that boat at the moment), head to Scottsdale and carve out some time to discover Scottsdale Civic Center Park.

from Official Travel Site for Scottsdale, Arizona | http://ift.tt/1w8niS9


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