Thursday, May 5, 2016

Desert Monsoon

Scottsdale’s second summer puts on quite a show!

The early summer months in Scottsdale are defined by the “dry heat” that everybody jokes about. Low humidity (around 7 percent), cloud-free skies and 100+-degree temperatures are typical from late May through June. Once July rolls around, however, things start to change. The humidity increases and our late afternoon skies are almost always filled with large, billowing clouds forming off in the distance. Every once in a while, those clouds roll into town and produce gusty winds, lightning and brief heavy rain. Though these summer thunderstorms typically last for only a short period of time, they can dramatically cool down the temperature – as much as 20 degrees – and might even send you in search of a jacket (okay maybe not you, but we thin-blooded locals might reach for a sweater)!

Along with the benefit of lower temperatures, monsoon-driven storms also create stunning images before, during, and after the storm. It’s a great time to sit back and watch nature’s artistry on display! Check out some of these awe-inspiring images from past years’ storms.

from Official Travel Site for Scottsdale, Arizona

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