Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Expanding Yoga Horizons

Aerial Yoga Man-Woman Sandstone Med Rez

The pristine beauty of the Sonoran Desert attracts people from all over the world to Scottsdale. A feeling of calm and serenity blankets your mind while being in the heart of the desert, making Scottsdale the ideal location for your desired spiritual practice, yoga. Scottsdale goes above and beyond your average indoor yoga studio. Whether taking you out into nature or taking you to new heights, Scottsdale offers more unique yoga opportunities than ever before.


With spectacular weather year-round, take your yoga practice outdoors in Scottsdale. New programs for the fall at The Boulders, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel make it even more enticing to abandon those mirrored, studio walls. The raised platform in the on-site organic garden is the perfect spot to transform your body and mind, with new features that include beautiful canopy sails. Ancient boulders and desert flora and fauna surround you in the 5,600-square-foot garden. A reflection pond is an added bonus to ensure pure serenity. Sunrise and sunset yoga sessions offer guests time to relax during brisk mornings and breathtaking sunsets, when it is believed that “Chi” is the strongest. If you are looking for a more adventurous take on yoga, head to Promise Rock, where yoga sessions are offered at 2,288 feet above ground level.


Our next stop for unique yoga is W Scottsdale , where furry friends are welcomed for Doga. There’s no need to keep your dog cooped up in your hotel room or at home. They can get in on the yoga fun too. You read that right- your dog is invited to yoga. A brief socialization period before the class allows participating dogs to become familiar with each other. The class is designed to increase flexibility and relax muscles, while taking you and your dog through a series of yoga poses. Yogis and pooches enjoy the class on the first Tuesday of the month.


Who needs a mat to practice yoga? You won’t at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess . The resort offers Aerial Hammock Yoga for individuals looking to overcome gravity. By utilizing a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling, you glide and release into each pose. Regardless of your yoga experience and fitness level, specifically trained yoga instructors guide you through each pose to ensure safety. If you are seeking a more peaceful approach on the ground, consider Candlelight Flow Yoga. This class is offered in the resort’s Atrium. The candlelight glow filling the room adds a soothing touch to your experience.


Butterfly Wonderland is bringing the rainforest to you in its latest monthly series, Yoga in the Rainforest. In this class, you practice all levels of Vinyasa based yoga, geared toward connecting breath with movement while taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Thousands of butterflies from around the world will fly freely among you during the class in the largest butterfly pavilion in America. The unique lush rainforest environment brings a sense of calm over the class. While on your mat, you will be surrounded by blooming flowers, tropical plants and soothing waterfalls. Leading your class is 200-hour certified yoga teacher Rhiannon Ritchey. Ritchey has been teaching yoga for nine years, and she’ll help you with any modifications or adjustments as she guides you through a series of yoga postures.

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