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Survive the Winter with these in-Home Spa Tips


The Sonoran Desert is known for its arid climate. Combine that with chillier temps in the winter months and you may be in need of some soothing beauty remedies! If you’re too busy to take a trip to one of Scottsdale’s luxurious spas, try these quick fixes from the experts instead to protect and maintain your healthy skin all winter long.

Eurasia Spa

  1. Fortify your skin’s natural protective barrier with products that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which help bind and hold moisture in.

  2. Skip those seasonal hot coffee drinks; they can really dehydrate your skin and cozy up with some green tea instead. Green tea helps to slow down the aging process with its high antioxidant levels. When applied topically, the catechins found in green tea act as an anti-inflammatory so it’s beneficial in calming acne or soothing sensitive skin.

  3. Drinking water consistently throughout the day helps keep your digestive system functioning properly to expel toxins, which helps to keep your skin’s natural glow through the winter months. Warm (not hot) baths or soaks are also great for detoxing.

  4. Exfoliate by dry brushing, which not only sloughs off dead skin but also stimulates blood flow and helps to energize. Look for brushes made with natural bristles.

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  1. Use Coconut oil to moisturize elbows, knees and feet.

  2. Apply Chamomile tea as a natural remedy to reduce inflammation, which is responsible for redness.

  3. Pure, ice-cold whole milk can be used as an astringent to tone.

  4. Chilled cucumber slices work perfectly to reduce puffy eyes.

  5. Avocado oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as dryness, age spots, psoriasis and sun damage.

Simplicity Skin Care

  1. Add a little extra hydration into your homecare regimen. Remember, skin changes with the seasons and the cold season pulls the moisture right out! When irritation, itching and inflammation occur, it means your skin needs help. Add an extra pump or two of your existing products for an added boost, or try a silicone product to help retain those moisture levels.

  2. Talk to your local aesthetician for tips and tricks. Bring in your existing homecare — this way your skincare professional can supplement or add to your current routine.

  3. Winter is the best time to do those clinical treatments you’ve been holding off on, including peels, laser treatments and more. The key factor in these treatments is the post-care. Know your options in order to achieve faster recovery with a reduced risk of complications.

  4. In terms of long-term skincare, don’t be afraid to spend the extra dollar. You’ll get what you pay for with these types of treatments.

  5. Keep in mind that products do have a shelf life. The goal is to use them within one year of purchase. One to two years is an average shelf life, so if you have products that have surpassed that time frame, it’s time to toss them and look for new ones.

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