Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day officially marks the start of summer here in the Scottsdale. Barbecues will be held, pools will be packed with visitors soaking up the sun and relaxing summer vibes will be felt everywhere you go. If you’re still planning your Memorial Day weekend, take a look at these activities to fill those three days!


What’s the best way to kick off a three-day weekend? Happy hour by the pool! Head over to the Hotel Valley Ho’s OH Pool for live music and drink specials. Take a swim and take it all in, because at this point in the weekend, everything is just getting started.


Follow that relaxing evening up with a visit to the Old Town Farmers Market on Saturday morning. With local vendors from all around town and some of the best produce you can find, this market kicks off your Saturday the right way.


Memorial Day barbecues are summer tradition, but this year, we’re putting a slight spin on it. Instead of burgers and hot dogs, let’s try out some beef brisket and pulled pork at Bootleggers.


Do you need something for the kids? How about a jeep tour? Horseback riding? Really anything in this handy kids guide!

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